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Christian is a Gen-Z activist, journalist, and change-maker fighting to create global change in his community. He believes that his generation is uniquely responsible for forging an unprecedented path toward justice, equality, and success for all.

These aren't just words, Christian is putting his mission into action — today and tomorrow.

Christian Figueroa Boeing
Christian Figueroa Outreach
Christian Figueroa KGEM-TV
Christian Figueroa CADEM
Christian Figueroa Josh Bocanegra
Christian Figueroa Stanford

Aside from Christian's activist career and aspirations, he is an avid cyclist and loves to cook. He is co-authoring, "Our Election: Young Americans in the 21st Century," which will be released in Spring 2024. Christian is affiliated with Team Figueroa Future, the official campaign platform, branding, and representation of Christian Figueroa.

Christian was born in Arcadia, California, and resides in the San Gabriel Valley, attending high school at Bosco Tech where he graduated in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering.

To continue his education, Christian is studying at Stanford University, a world-renowned research institution in Northern California.

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