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Christian supports the following issues and proposes government policies that support them. As a registered Democrat, Christian believes the government has the obligation to work toward creating a better, more equal & innovative future for all. By harnessing the talent of the 21st century, both the public and private sectors can establish relationships to accomplish ambitious projects that further the American Dream.


With rampant wildfires and flooding, we must take immediate action to address our dark reality: climate change exists and is consuming our planet. Christian proposes a comprehensive plan that he encourages the U.S. Congress to pass.

  • Increase the national electric vehicle charging network

  • Enhance the nation's electric grid

  • Offer additional federal rebates for clean climate technology

  • Achieve net zero emissions within the following decades


Education is a vital piece of everyone's life. There should be no reason why Americans cannot receive effective educational tools throughout their lives.

  • Increase federal and state funding of public schools

  • Increase mental health support and resources

  • Offer free preschool and community college

  • Improve the infrastructure of our school buildings and facilities


We need more-than-decent affordable housing for our working-class families and we must work toward eliminating homelessness in our communities.

  • Incentivize affordable housing projects

  • Construct permanent housing facilities to house homeless individuals

  • Expand renter's insurance and policies


The American economy must serve the middle and working classes. By building an economy from the middle out, individuals and families can genuinely pursue their American Dreams.

  • Tax higher-income individuals and corporations

  • Increase the federal minimum wage

  • Expand "Buy American" policies through subsidies and rebates

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